Switchboard Upgrades

Do I Need a Switchboard Upgrade?  Why Are Ceramic Fuses Not Safe?
Do I need cable protection?  Is my RCD out of date?

We are often asked these (and many more) questions about switchboards. Many houses still use old ceramic fuses. Adding new or bigger appliances like air-conditioners, pool equipment or workshop equipment adds extra load onto your electrical system. If your switchboard is pre-1980s, it is likely that you have an undersized main cable and poor fuse contacts. It may not meet current Australian standards and you may need a switchboard upgrade or a new switchboard altogether.

A switchboard upgrade will involve the replacement of all ceramic fuses for modern, safe circuit breakers and RCDs. This occurs in a neat enclosure along with the rewiring and tidying of the cables behind your panel before finishing with testing the entire installation and property. At the same time, we can check that your earthing system is up to standard and that your your metal pipes are earthed properly.

If you need more information or would like us to check your current switchboard, please call us on: 07 3378 5525.