Don’t swelter this summer

Is your air conditioning ready for summer?

Brisbane Electrican Air Conditioning

Brisbane Electrican Air Conditioning

The weather is changing and really starting to heat up, at least throughout the day.  As we reach mid October, Brisbane and Ipswich have already experienced record temperatures for the month!

The transition from spring to summer is exciting, however you shouldn’t just flick the switch of your AC on the first really hot day of summer and hope for the best.  A bit of maintenance is needed now to get it ready so that your unit works efficiently all summer long.

Getting Ready…
The list is simple and short; and could save you a lot of money in the long run!

  1. Clean or replace the filters.
    This should be done at least 4 times a year & regular cleans will increase the life span of the filters.
  2. Clean the unit.
    Follow the care instructions in your operations manual.  Vacuuming or warm soapy water is usually ok.
  3. Check the compressor
    This is an important part of the AC unit.  Make sure you clean it regularly to ensure you get cool and refreshing air.  Oil specially designed for the ACs can be used for its longevity.
  4. Remove debris
    Check for geckos, cockroaches, etc that make their homes within both the inside and outside unit.  Fires can start if they get caught in the wrong spaces!
  5. Look out for ice
    All ACs use a refrigerant to absorb excess heat and supply cool air.  In some cases, ice blocks the tube and no cold air comes from the filter, even when recently cleaned.  This means that the refrigerant is low and needs to be adjusted or replaced.  There could even be a leak; however a professional should be called in this instance.

Don’t have Air Conditioning?
Have no fear, Rob Buchanan Electrical now offers the installation of split system air conditioning!!

Why choose a split system?
Split system air conditioners are made up of two separate units, one located inside the room and the other outside. In cooling mode, warm air from the room is drawn into the indoor unit where heat is absorbed and removed. The air is recirculated back into the room providing cool, comfortable living even on the hottest summer day.

There are pros and cons to a split system, as with any appliance, however savings and efficient cooling are two of the major advantages to using a split air con system.

While they are more expensive to buy, they are generally cheaper to run in the long term and they can cool or heat the whole house, or control temperatures in different rooms with a multi-head system.

Also, with the compressor located in the outside unit of the system, they are silent compared to a window AC unit!

RBE can supply and install Mitsubishi or Fujitsu Air Conditioners.Why not make a booking for us to give you some FREE advice today?